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FLI interoperability and support criteria


The FLI Interoperability Matrix (IMT) is very similar to the FlexArray IMT, but was added as a distinctly different interoperability tool in order to better support the NetApp-qualified source arrays that work with FLI.

Prior to performing a Foreign LUN Import, two areas of interoperability need to be checked:

  • Check that FLI is supported. You can do this by reviewing the FLI IMT.

  • Check that the complete end-to-end configuration, after the import(s) are complete, is a supported configuration. This is done from the FAS/AFF IMT.

In addition, check these three criteria against the target ONTAP version:

  • The source storage platform model and microcode version.

  • The SAN switch model and microcode version.

  • The NetApp controller, the customer environment (switches, HBAs, firmware, server hardware, etc.) and SAN-attached clients that mount the LUNs after migration.

If any of these three components are not supported, some remediation might be necessary to ensure full success and support during and after the migration process.

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