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7-Mode to ONTAP FLI supported configurations


It is important to verify that the host OS, HBA, switch, and ONTAP array to which you are ultimately transitioning are supported.

If you are using the FLI 7-Mode to ONTAP transition workflow, you don't need to verify your source (7-Mode controller) in the FlexArray IMT. It won't be listed but is supported expressly for this transition workflow. You do still need to verify all hosts are in a supported configuration.

There are no FLI-specific platform requirements. There are also no minimum versions of 7-Mode Data ONTAP, although the version would have to support Fibre Channel protocol (FCP).

The maximum size LUN that FLI can import is 6 TB. This is a limitation based on the current maximum size drives currently supported by ONTAP. If you attempt to mount a larger foreign LUN, the LUN will be marked as broken, and you will not be able to write a label to it.