Required permissions for the Connector in Google Cloud

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Cloud Manager requires permissions to perform actions in your cloud provider. These permissions are included in the policies provided by NetApp. You might want to understand what Cloud Manager does with these permissions.

The Cloud Manager policy for GCP includes the permissions that Cloud Manager needs to deploy and manage Cloud Volumes ONTAP.

Actions Purpose

- compute.disks.create
- compute.disks.createSnapshot
- compute.disks.delete
- compute.disks.get
- compute.disks.list
- compute.disks.setLabels
- compute.disks.use

To create and manage disks for Cloud Volumes ONTAP.

- compute.firewalls.create
- compute.firewalls.delete
- compute.firewalls.get
- compute.firewalls.list

To create firewall rules for Cloud Volumes ONTAP.

- compute.globalOperations.get

To get the status of operations.

- compute.images.get
- compute.images.getFromFamily
- compute.images.list
- compute.images.useReadOnly

To get images for VM instances.

- compute.instances.attachDisk
- compute.instances.detachDisk

To attach and detach disks to Cloud Volumes ONTAP.

- compute.instances.create
- compute.instances.delete

To create and delete Cloud Volumes ONTAP VM instances.

- compute.instances.get

To list VM instances.

- compute.instances.getSerialPortOutput

To get console logs.

- compute.instances.list

To retrieve the list of instances in a zone.

- compute.instances.setDeletionProtection

To set deletion protection on the instance.

- compute.instances.setLabels

To add labels.

- compute.instances.setMachineType
- compute.instances.setMinCpuPlatform

To change the machine type for Cloud Volumes ONTAP.

- compute.instances.setMetadata

To add metadata.

- compute.instances.setTags

To add tags for firewall rules.

- compute.instances.start
- compute.instances.stop
- compute.instances.updateDisplayDevice

To start and stop Cloud Volumes ONTAP.

- compute.machineTypes.get

To get the numbers of cores to check qoutas.

- compute.projects.get

To support multi-projects.

- compute.snapshots.create
- compute.snapshots.delete
- compute.snapshots.get
- compute.snapshots.list
- compute.snapshots.setLabels

To create and manage persistent disk snapshots.

- compute.networks.get
- compute.networks.list
- compute.regions.get
- compute.regions.list
- compute.subnetworks.get
- compute.subnetworks.list
- compute.zoneOperations.get
- compute.zones.get
- compute.zones.list

To get the networking information needed to create a new Cloud Volumes ONTAP virtual machine instance.

- deploymentmanager.compositeTypes.get
- deploymentmanager.compositeTypes.list
- deploymentmanager.deployments.create
- deploymentmanager.deployments.delete
- deploymentmanager.deployments.get
- deploymentmanager.deployments.list
- deploymentmanager.manifests.get
- deploymentmanager.manifests.list
- deploymentmanager.operations.get
- deploymentmanager.operations.list
- deploymentmanager.resources.get
- deploymentmanager.resources.list
- deploymentmanager.typeProviders.get
- deploymentmanager.typeProviders.list
- deploymentmanager.types.get
- deploymentmanager.types.list

To deploy the Cloud Volumes ONTAP virtual machine instance using Google Cloud Deployment Manager.

- logging.logEntries.list
- logging.privateLogEntries.list

To get stack log drives.

- resourcemanager.projects.get

To support multi-projects.

- storage.buckets.create
- storage.buckets.delete
- storage.buckets.get
- storage.buckets.list
- storage.buckets.update

To create and manage a Google Cloud Storage bucket for data tiering.

- cloudkms.cryptoKeyVersions.useToEncrypt
- cloudkms.cryptoKeys.get
- cloudkms.cryptoKeys.list
- cloudkms.keyRings.list

To use customer-managed encryption keys from the Cloud Key Management Service with Cloud Volumes ONTAP.

- compute.instances.setServiceAccount
- iam.serviceAccounts.actAs
- iam.serviceAccounts.getIamPolicy
- iam.serviceAccounts.list
- storage.objects.get
- storage.objects.list

To set a service account on the Cloud Volumes ONTAP instance. This service account provides permissions for data tiering to a Google Cloud Storage bucket.

- compute.addresses.list
- compute.backendServices.create
- compute.networks.updatePolicy
- compute.regionBackendServices.create
- compute.regionBackendServices.get
- compute.regionBackendServices.list

To deploy HA pairs.

- compute.subnetworks.use
- compute.subnetworks.useExternalIp
- compute.instances.addAccessConfig

To enable Cloud Data Sense.

- container.clusters.get
- container.clusters.list

To discover Kubernetes clusters running in Google Kubernetes Engine.