Install the Connector on-prem without internet access

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You can install the Connector on an on-premises Linux host that doesn’t have internet access. You can then discover on-prem ONTAP clusters, replicate data between them, and scan the data with Cloud Data Sense.

These installation instructions are specifically for the use case described above. Learn about other ways to deploy a Connector.

Verify host requirements

The Connector software must run on a host that meets specific operating system requirements, RAM requirements, port requirements, and so on.

A dedicated host is required

The Connector is not supported on a host that is shared with other applications. The host must be a dedicated host.


4 cores or 4 vCPUs


16 GB

Supported operating systems
  • CentOS 7.6

  • CentOS 7.7

  • CentOS 7.8

  • CentOS 7.9

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.6

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.7

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.8

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.9

    The Red Hat Enterprise Linux system must be registered with Red Hat Subscription Management. If it is not registered, the system cannot access repositories to update required 3rd party software during Connector installation.

    The Connector is supported on English-language versions of these operating systems.


A bare metal or hosted hypervisor that is certified to run CentOS or Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Red Hat Solution: Which hypervisors are certified to run Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

Disk type

An SSD is required

Disk space in /opt

100 GiB of space must be available

Disk space in /var

20 GiB of space must be available

Docker Engine

Docker Engine version 19 or later is required on the host before you install the Connector. View installation instructions.

Install the Connector

After you verify that you have a supported Linux host, you can obtain the Connector software and then install it.

Required privileges

Root privileges are required to install the Connector.

  1. Verify that docker is enabled and running.

    sudo sysctl enable docker && sudo sysctl start docker
  2. Download the Cloud Manager software from the NetApp Support Site.

  3. Copy the installer to the Linux host.

  4. Assign permissions to run the script.

    chmod +x /path/cloud-manager-connector-offline-v3.9.16
  5. Run the installation script:

    sudo /path/cloud-manager-connector-offline-v3.9.16
  6. Open a web browser and enter https://ipaddress where ipaddress is the IP address of the Linux host.

    You should see the following screen.

    A screenshot of the Welcome page that appears after you enter the IP address of the Connector into your web browser.

  7. Click Set Up New Cloud Manager and follow the prompts to set up the system.

    • System Details: Enter a name for the Cloud Manager system and your company name.

      A screenshot of the System Details page that prompts you to enter the Cloud Manager name and Company name.

    • Create Admin User: Create the admin user for the system.

      This user account runs locally on the system. There’s no connection to NetApp Cloud Central.

    • Review: Review the details, accept the license agreement, and then click Set Up.

  8. Log in to Cloud Manager using the admin user that you just created.


The Connector is now installed and you can start using the Cloud Manager features that are available in a dark site deployment.

When new versions of the Connector software are available, they’ll be posted to the NetApp Support Site. Learn how to upgrade the Connector.