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OnCommand Workflow Automation 5.1

Delete OnCommand Workflow Automation packs


You can delete a pack from OnCommand Workflow Automation (WFA) if you no longer require it. If you delete a pack, all the entities associated with the pack are deleted.

About this task

  • You cannot delete a pack if there are any dependencies on the entities that are part of the pack.

    For example, if you attempt to delete a pack that includes a command that is part of a custom workflow, the delete operation will fail because the custom workflow is dependent on the pack. You can delete the pack only after you delete the custom workflow.

  • Entities that are part of a pack cannot be deleted individually.

    To delete an entity that is part of a pack, you must delete the pack containing that entity. If an entity is part of multiple packs, the entity will be deleted from the WFA server only when all the packs containing that entity are deleted.

  1. Log in to WFA through a web browser as an admin.

  2. Click Content Management > Packs.

  3. Select the pack you want to delete and click Delete icon.

  4. In the Delete Pack confirmation dialog box, click OK.