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OnCommand Workflow Automation 5.1

Back up the WFA database using the PowerShell script


If you want to back up the OnCommand Workflow Automation (WFA) database frequently, you can use the PowerShell script that is provided with the WFA installation package.

You must have admin user credentials, architect credentials, or backup user credentials.

For more information, see the REST documentation.

  1. Open Windows PowerShell as an admin user, and then back up the WFA database: <WFA_install_location\WFA\bin\Backup.ps1> -User user_name -Password password -Path backup_file_path

    • WFA_install_location is the WFA installation directory.

    • user_name is the user name of the admin user, architect, or backup user.

    • password is the password of the admin user, architect, or backup user.

    • backup_file_path is the complete directory path for the backup file.


The backup file is a zip file with the name in the following format:

  • wfa_backup_ is a fixed portion of the file name, which is the name of the backup server.

  • servername is extracted from the environment of the Windows server.

  • is a fixed portion of the file name. C:\Program Files\NetApp\WFA\bin\Backup.ps1 -User backup -Password MyPassword123 -Path C:\WFA_backups\backup_10_08_12

    After the backup is complete, the following output is displayed: C:\WFA_backups\backup_1008_12\ . Verify that the backup file was created at the specified location.