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OnCommand Workflow Automation 5.1

Create a cache query


You can define a cache query when you want to cache information about a dictionary object in the WFA database from a data source type. You can create a cache query and associate it with a dictionary entry and one or more data source types, such as Active IQ Unified Manager 6.1.

What you'll need

You must know the appropriate SQL syntaxes to create a cache query.

  1. Click Data Source Design > Cache Queries.

  2. Click New icon on the toolbar.

  3. In the Add Cache Query dialog box, select the required dictionary entry and data source type.

  4. In the “SQL select query” section, enter the appropriate SQL query.

    The following SQL query caches information about the disk dictionary object from the Active IQ Unified Manager 6.1 data source type:

        disk.objId AS id, AS NAME,
        disk.uid AS uid,
        disk.effectiveInterfaceType AS TYPE,
        disk.rpm AS rpm,
        disk.homeNodeId AS home_node_id,
        disk.ownerNodeId AS owner_node_id,
        disk.model AS model,
        disk.serialNumber AS serial_number,
        disk.totalBytes/1024/1024 AS size_mb,
        disk.shelf AS shelf,
        disk.shelfBay AS shelf_bay,
        disk.pool AS pool,
        disk.vendor AS vendor,
        LOWER(disk.raidPosition) AS raid_position,
        disk.containerTypeRaw AS container_type,
        disk.clusterId AS cluster_id
        netapp_model_view.disk disk
  5. If you want to test the SQL query, click Test.

    If you have selected more than one data source type, the Test Cache Query dialog box opens and enables you to select the required data source type.

    The test result is displayed.

  6. Close the dialog box.

  7. Click Save.