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OnCommand Workflow Automation 5.1

Upgrade OnCommand Workflow Automation


If you have installed a previous version of OnCommand Workflow Automation (WFA), you can upgrade to the latest version of WFA to use the new features and enhancements.

  • You can upgrade to WFA 5.1 from either WFA 5.0 or 4.2 only.

    If you are currently running WFA 4.1 or earlier versions of WFA, then you must first upgrade to either WFA 5.0 or 4.2 and then upgrade to WFA 5.1.

  • You can restore a backup taken on either WFA 5.0 or 4.2 on WFA 5.1. A WFA database backup can only be restored to a system that is running the same version or a later version of WFA.

    For example, if you created a backup on a system that is running WFA 4.2, the backup can be restored only to systems that are running WFA 4.2 or later.

  • You cannot install MySQL on your own when upgrading from versions earlier than WFA 4.2.

    However, you can install MySQL on your own:

    • During a fresh installation of WFA 4.2 and later or

    • When you are upgrading from WFA 4.2 to later versions of WFA.

      1. Back up the WFA database by using one of the following options:

    • WFA web portal

    • PowerShell script If you want to revert to the same version of WFA, you can use the backup that you created to restore your WFA database.

      1. Uninstall the existing version of WFA.

      2. Install the latest version of WFA.

      3. Restore the WFA database.

You can review the restored content for completeness in functionality—​for example, you can check the functioning of your custom workflows.