Connect a LUN to a host

Contributors netapp-bcammett

When you create an iSCSI volume, Cloud Manager automatically creates a LUN for you. We’ve made it simple by creating just one LUN per volume, so there’s no management involved. After you create the volume, use the IQN to connect to the LUN from your hosts.

Note the following:

  • Cloud Manager’s automatic capacity management doesn’t apply to LUNs. When Cloud Manager creates a LUN, it disables the autogrow feature.

  • You can create additional LUNs from System Manager or the CLI.

  1. On the Canvas page, double-click the Cloud Volumes ONTAP working environment on which you want to manage volumes.

  2. Select a volume, and then click Target iQN.

  3. Click Copy to copy the iQN name.

  4. Set up an iSCSI connection from the host to the LUN.