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Keystone infrastructure

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This section describes the NetApp Keystone infrastructure architecture and management application for the NetApp and customer-operated environments.

Keystone infrastructure architecture, design, choice of technology, and component products reside solely with NetApp. NetApp reserves the rights to take the following actions:

  • Select, substitute, or repurpose products.

  • Refresh products with new technology when deemed appropriate.

  • Increase or decrease capacity of the products to meet service requirements.

  • Modify architecture, technology, and/or products to meet service requirements.

The Keystone infrastructure includes multiple components:

  • The Keystone infrastructure that includes storage controllers

  • Tools to manage and operate the service such as OpsRamp, Active IQ Digital Advisor, and Active IQ Unified Manager.

For more information about NetApp Keystone integration with Active IQ, see Active IQ Digital Advisor Documentation