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Configure AutoSupport for Keystone

Contributors netapp-shwetav netapp-manini

When using the AutoSupport telemetry mechanism, Keystone calculates the usage based on the AutoSupport telemetry data. To achieve the necessary level of granularity, you should configure AutoSupport to incorporate Keystone data in the daily support bundles sent by the ONTAP clusters.

About this task

You should note the following before configuring AutoSupport to include Keystone data.

  1. As a system administrator user, log in to the Keystone ONTAP cluster by using SSH. For information, see Access the cluster by using SSH.

  2. Modify the log content.

    • Run this command to modify the daily log content:

      autosupport trigger modify -node * -autosupport-message management.log -basic-additional wafl,performance,snapshot,platform,object_store_server,san,raid,snapmirror -troubleshooting-additional wafl
    • Run this command to modify the weekly log content:

      autosupport trigger modify -autosupport-message weekly -troubleshooting-additional wafl -node *

      For more information about this command, see system node autosupport trigger modify.