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Keystone Collector overview

Contributors netapp-manini

For availing your Keystone services and viewing your usage data, you should install Keystone Collector on a VMware vSphere or Linux system at your site.

Note Keystone Collector represents the standard approach of collecting usage data for Keystone systems. If your environment cannot support Keystone Collector, you can seek authorization from Keystone Product Management to use AutoSupport telemetry mechanism as an alternative. For information about AutoSupport, see AutoSupport. For information about configuring AutoSupport for Keystone, see Configure AutoSupport for Keystone.

Keystone Collector is the usage acquisition component of the Keystone billing platform that leverages Active IQ Unified Manager and other applications to connect to ONTAP and StorageGRID systems to collect metadata required for usage and SLA performance metering of your Keystone subscriptions. It provides you with the ability to monitor system health, while sending your billing data for reporting.

Note The installation and configuration information available here is applicable for ONTAP and StorageGRID. The requirements and procedures are generic to both ONTAP and StorageGRID, with exceptions pointed out.

This architecture diagram outlines the constituent components and their connectivity in a typical Keystone environment.

collector architecture