Data tiering

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By default, Keystone base services include tiering capabilities with your subscribed file and block services that identify less-frequently used data, and tiers it to a cold storage that is owned, deployed, and managed by NetApp. You can avail tiering as an add-on service if you want to tier your cold data to any non-NetApp storage, such as any enterprise cloud storage.

The tiering add-on service is required only when data is tiered to any non-NetApp storage such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3, Azure Blob, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and other, supported S3-compatible, third-party object storage.

For information about the base storage and cloud storage service, see Supported storage services.

For information about Service Levels, see Service Levels in Keystone.

The tiering capability leverages the NetApp FabricPool technology that enables automated tiering of data to low-cost object storage tiers either on or off premises. With this capability, infrequently accessed data is automatically tiered to a lower cost storage either on premises or in the cloud, based on the agreed services.

The add-on tiering service enables tiering from Extreme, Premium, Performance, Standard, and Value tier to Object target. The hot tier and cold tier are metered and invoiced separately.

Data tiering can be added any time, without change in pricing and it adds more flexibility in terms of hot:cold ratio. The ratio of hot:cold data to be tiered is not fixed, and the number of physical blocks tiered are measured separately.

Go through the following calculations for more information:

If the target for cold storage tier is:

  • Value tier (up to 500TiB), Object Tier (>500TiB), existing SGWS grid (customer owned) – There is no additional charge; it is part of basic storage service.

  • Public cloud (AWS, Azure, Google) and any other third-party supported object storage – There is an additional charge for data capacity that is committed as a tier out charge.

The charges involved in the add-on tiering subscription is not a one-time charge. You need to pay for it for the entire term to sustain the tiering relationship between Keystone on-premises file and block services, and the third-party supported object storage target.

This offering only provides the capability to tier cold data to cheaper target storage, not the public cloud/hyperscalar infrastructure costs.

Note Hyperscalar-based compute and storage infrastructure are not provided by NetApp as a part of your Keystone subscriptions; you need to procure them from a hyperscalar cloud service provider.