Installing Keystone Collector on Linux systems

Contributors netapp-manini

The Keystone Collector software is distributed by an online YUM software repository. You need to import and install the file on a Linux server.

Follow these steps to install the software on your Linux server:

  1. SSH to the Keystone Collector server and elevate to root privilege.

  2. Import the Keystone public signing signature:
    # rpm --import

  3. Ensure that the correct public certificate has been imported by checking the fingerprint for Keystone Billing Platform in the RPM database:
    # rpm -qa gpg-pubkey --qf '%<Description>'|gpg --show-keys --fingerprint
    The correct fingerprint looks like this:
    90B3 83AF E07B 658A 6058 5B4E 76C2 45E4 33B6 C17D

  4. Download the keystonerepo.rpm file:
    # wget

  5. Verify the authenticity of the file:
    rpm --checksig -v keystonerepo.rpm
    A signature for an authentic file looks like this:
    Header V4 RSA/SHA512 Signature, key ID 33b6c17d: OK

  6. Install the YUM software repository file:
    # yum install keystonerepo.rpm

  7. When the Keystone repo is installed, install the keystone-collector package through the YUM package manager:
    # yum install keystone-collector