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Advanced data protection

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You can subscribe to advanced data protection add-on service as a part of your Keystone STaaS subscription. This add-on service leverages NetApp MetroCluster technology to ensure efficient data protection for your mission-critical workloads at 0 Recovery Point Objective (RPO).

Note Keystone STaaS standard services for file and block storage offer default data protection services by leveraging NetApp technologies, such as SnapMirror, SnapVault, and Snapshot.

For information about the standard and cloud service, see Keystone STaaS services.

Keystone advanced data protection service can synchronously mirror data to a secondary site. In case of a disaster at the primary site, the secondary site can take over, without any loss of data. This feature leverages the MetroCluster configuration between two sites to enable data protection. You can avail the advanced data protection add-on services for only your file and block storage services. As a part of this add-on service, the Advanced Data-Protect service level is assigned to your subscription.
For information about ONTAP MetroCluster, see MetroCluster Documentation.

For information about how to view the consumption in a MetroCluster configuration, see Reference charts for advanced data protection.

The add-on charges are applicable to all the capacities in the subscription: the source, mirrored copy, and unmirrored data.

Note the following:

  • For this service, 100% of the committed capacity on an associated storage is configured as committed capacity.

  • Storage is charged for both the source and the destination clusters. This add-on service is also charged for both the primary and secondary (mirrored) volumes.

  • The charges are applicable only to your file and block storage.

The following MetroCluster scenarios are supported:

MetroCluster configurations supported by Keystone