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Private cloud and data center

Contributors netapp-barbe

ONTAP Select is ideally suited to support one or more private clouds within your organization. A common use case is to provide storage services for private clouds built on commodity servers.

Like the public cloud, a private cloud provides flexibility as well as rapid setup and teardown. In addition, a private cloud offers improved security and control.

The following figure shows how a storage farm provides computation and locally attached storage to the ONTAP Select VMs, which provide storage services upstream to an application stack. The entire workflow, from the provisioning of SVMs to the deployment and configuration of application VMs, is automated through a private cloud orchestration framework.

This is a service-oriented private cloud model. Using the HA version of ONTAP Select creates the same ONTAP experience you would expect on higher-cost FAS arrays. Storage server resources are consumed exclusively by the ONTAP Select VM, with application VMs hosted on separate physical infrastructure.

Private cloud built on DAS

Private cloud built on DAS