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Required information for Deploy utility installation

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Before installing the Deploy administration utility in a hypervisor environment, review the required configuration information and optional network configuration information to prepare for successful deployment.

Required configuration information

As part of your deployment planning, you should determine the required configuration information before installing the ONTAP Select Deploy administration utility.

Required information Description

Name of the Deploy virtual machine

Identifier to use for the virtual machine.

Name of the hypervisor host

Identifier for the VMware ESXi or KVM hypervisor host where the Deploy utility is installed.

Name of the data store

Identifier for the hypervisor data store holding the virtual machine files (approximately 40GB is required).

Network for the virtual machine

Identifier for the Network where the Deploy virtual machine is connected.

Optional network configuration information

The Deploy virtual machine is configured using DHCP by default. However, if needed, you can manually configure the network interface for the virtual machine.

Network information Description

Host name

Identifier of the host machine.

Host IP address

Static IPv4 address of the host machine.

Subnet mask

Subnetwork mask, based on the network the virtual machine is a part of.


Default gateway or router.

Primary DNS server

Primary Domain Name Server.

Secondary DNS server

Secondary Domain Name Server.

Search domains

List of the search domains to use.