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Remote and branch office deployments

Contributors dmp-netapp

You can deploy ONTAP Select in a remote office/branch office (ROBO) environment. As part of planning a ROBO deployment, you must select the configuration supporting your objectives.

There are two primary configurations available when deploying ONTAP Select in a ROBO environment.

Note You can use any VMware vSphere license when deploying ONTAP Select.
ONTAP Select two-node cluster with ONTAP HA

The ONTAP Select two-node cluster consists of one HA pair and is ideal for ROBO deployments.

ONTAP Select single-node cluster with VMware support

You can deploy an ONTAP Select single-node cluster in a ROBO environment. While a single node lacks native HA capability, you can deploy the cluster in one of the following ways to provide storage protection:

  • Shared external storage using VMware HA

  • VMware vSAN

Note If you use vSAN, you must have a VMware vSAN ROBO license.