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NetApp ONTAP Select is a software-defined storage appliance you can deploy on a variety of commodity hardware servers running the VMware ESXi hypervisor. It provides the agility you need to build a flexible and scalable private cloud infrastructure.

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Note Beginning with ONTAP Select 9.10.1 you can no longer deploy a new cluster on the KVM hypervisor. Now with ONTAP Select 9.11.1 and later releases, all manageability functionality is no longer available for existing KVM clusters and hosts except the take offline and delete functions.

ONTAP Select 9.12.1 can be deployed on VMware ESXi. This site contains the documentation for ONTAP Select 9.12.1, 9.11.1, 9.10.1, 9.9.1, 9.8, and 9.7 running on VMware ESXi as well as the hypervisor-independent documentation (such as the REST API).

You can find the release notes as well as documentation for the KVM version of the product as supported with prior releases at the ONTAP Select product library.

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