What’s new in ONTAP Select 9.7

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There are several new and changed features provided with the current release of ONTAP Select.

Software RAID using NVMe drives is only available on VMware ESXi. See the Release Notes for more information.

Software RAID using NVMe drives

VMware ESXi only. Non-volatile memory express (NVMe) is an architecture for implementing solid-state drives (SSD) based on an enhanced interface and storage protocol. It accelerates the transfer of data between the host and SSD drives. With ONTAP Select 9.7, you can configure software RAID using the faster NVMe drives on ESXi.

To use software RAID with an NVMe disk, you must first manually update the host’s BIOS and reboot the machine. See Configuring a host to use NVMe drives for more information.

Versioning change for ONTAP Select Deploy

VMware ESXi and KVM. The ONTAP Select Deploy administration utility is no longer assigned a separate version number. Rather, Deploy is considered to be a part of the ONTAP Select version it is associated with. Each Deploy update within a specific ONTAP Select release is assigned a unique build number.

Improvements to Deploy web user interface

VMware ESXi and KVM. The Deploy utility web user interface has been enhanced based on evolving industry standard best practices. Several of the existing administrative workflows have been updated and simplified.

Premium XL license offering

VMware ESXi only. When using the premium XL license offering and large instance type with ONTAP Select 9.7, you are no longer restricted to only software RAID. With this configuration, you can use either software or hardware RAID.

Enhanced Intel support

VMware ESXi and KVM. ONTAP Select now supports the Intel Cascade Lake processor, which is the successor to Skylake. Support is provided with ONTAP Select 9.7 and previous releases that support Skylake. With this change, support is considered to be provided for the Intel Xeon processors for server. See the NetApp Interoperability Matrix Tool for more information.