Evaluation licenses

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You can use an evaluation license if you want to evaluate ONTAP Select before making the decision to purchase. The evaluation license is included with the ONTAP Select Deploy administration utility and is automatically applied to each ONTAP Select node as part of an evaluation deployment.

Licensing characteristics

The ONTAP Select evaluation license has the following characteristics:

  • A production license with storage capacity is not required

  • The node serial number is twenty digits and automatically generated by ONTAP Select Deploy

    (you do not acquire it directly from NetApp)

  • The evaluation period provided by the license can be up to 90 days

  • The maximum storage allocated by each node is the same as a production license

Upgrading to a production license

You can upgrade an ONTAP Select evaluation cluster to use a production license. You should be aware of the following restrictions:

  • You must use the Deploy administration utility to perform the license upgrade

  • License upgrade is only supported with ONTAP Select 9.5P1 using Deploy 2.11 or later

  • A capacity tier license can be used, however capacity pools licensing is not supported

  • Each node must have enough storage allocated to support the minimum required for a production license, based on the cluster size