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Initial state of the cluster after deployment

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You should be aware of the initial state of a cluster after it has been deployed and configure the cluster as needed for your environment.

An ONTAP Select cluster has several characteristics after it is created.

Note Restricting roles and permissions for the ONTAP administrator account can limit ONTAP Select Deploy's ability to manage the cluster. For more information, see the KB article OTS Deploy cluster refresh fails with error.

There are two types of customer-specified LIFs assigned:

  • Cluster management (one per cluster)

  • Node management (one per node)


Two administrative SVMs are active:

  • Default SVM

  • Cluster SVM


The root aggregate is created.


All features are licensed and available. Both SnapLock and FabricPool require separate licenses.

Note There are no data SVMs created. Also, the multi-node cluster has an internal network with autogenerated LIFs.
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