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Modify a host management server

Contributors netapp-thomi netapp-powr

You can use the host modify command to modify a host management server with this instance of ONTAP Select Deploy.


host modify [-help] [-foreground] -name name -mgmt-server management_server [-username username]

Required parameters



-name name

The IP address or FQDN of the host you want to modify.

-mgmt-server management_server

The IP address or FQDN of the host management server to be set to the host. Specify "-" (hyphen) to unset the management server from the host. The credentials for this management server must be added prior to registering this host using the credential add command.

Optional parameters




Displays the help message.


This parameter controls the behavior of long-running commands. If set, the command will run in the foreground and event messages related to the operation will be displayed as they occur.

-username username

The username that has access to this host. This is required only if the host is not managed by a management server (that is, an ESX host managed by a vCenter).