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Confirming connectivity among the ONTAP Select nodes

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You can test the network connectivity among two or more ONTAP Select nodes on the internal cluster network. You typically run this test before a multi-node cluster is deployed to detect issues that might cause the operation to fail.

Before you begin

All the ONTAP Select nodes included in the test must be configured and powered on.

About this task

Each time you start a test, a new process run is created in the background and assigned a unique run identifier. Only one run can be active at a time.

The test has two modes that control its operation:

  • Quick
    This mode performs a basic non-disruptive test. A PING test is performed, along with a test of the network MTU size and the vSwitch.

  • Extended
    This mode performs a more comprehensive test over all the redundant network paths. If you run this on an active ONTAP Select cluster, the performance of the cluster can be impacted.

Note It is recommended that you always perform a quick test before creating a multi-node cluster. After the quick test completes successfully, you can optionally perform an extended test based on your production requirements.
  1. Sign in to the Deploy utility web user interface using the administrator account.

  2. Click the Administration tab at the top of the page and click Network Checker.

  3. Click Start New Run and select the hosts and networks for the HA pair

    You can add and configure additional HA pairs as needed.

  4. Click Start to begin the network connectivity test.