ONTAP features

Contributors dmp-netapp

ONTAP Select offers full support for most ONTAP functionality. Many of the ONTAP features are licensed automatically for each node when you deploy a cluster. However some features require a separate license.

Note ONTAP features that have hardware-specific dependencies are generally not supported with ONTAP Select.

ONTAP features automatically enabled by default

The following features are included with ONTAP Select and licensed by default:

  • NFS

  • CIFS

  • iSCSI

  • SnapMirror

  • SnapVault

  • FlexClone

  • SnapRestore

  • NetApp Volume Encryption

  • Deduplication and compression

  • ONTAP multitenancy capability

  • ONTAP S3

  • NetApp Volume Encryption (non-restricted countries only)

ONTAP features that are separately licensed

You must acquire a separate license for any ONTAP feature that is not enabled by default, including:

  • SnapLock Enterprise

  • FabricPool

  • Data Availability Service

  • FlexCache (zero cost)

  • SyncMirror (zero cost)

  • MetroCluster SDS (ONTAP Select premium license offering)

Note You do not need a FabricPool license when utilizing StorageGRID Webscale.