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Learn about what’s new with Cloud Manager’s administration features: NetApp accounts, Connectors, cloud provider credentials, and more.

12 May 2022

Connector 3.9.18 patch

We updated the Connector to introduce bug fixes. The most notable fix is to an issue that affects Cloud Volumes ONTAP deployment in Google Cloud when the Connector is in a shared VPC.

2 May 2022

Connector 3.9.18

  • The Connector is now supported in the following Google Cloud regions:

    • Delhi (asia-south2)

    • Melbourne (australia-southeast2)

    • Milan (europe-west8)

    • Santiago (southamerica-west1)

  • When you select the Google Cloud service account to use with the Connector, Cloud Manager now displays the email address that’s associated with each service account. Viewing the email address can make it easier to distinguish between service accounts that share the same name.

    A screenshot of the service account field

  • We have certified the Connector in Google Cloud on a VM instance with an OS that supports Shielded VM features

  • This release of the Connector also includes Cloud Volumes ONTAP enhancements. Learn about those enhancements

  • New AWS permissions are required for the Connector to deploy Cloud Volumes ONTAP.

    The following permissions are now required to create an AWS spread placement group when deploying an HA pair in a single Availability Zone (AZ):


    These permissions are now required to optimize how Cloud Manager creates the placement group.

    Be sure to provide these permissions to each set of AWS credentials that you’ve added to Cloud Manager. You can find the latest list of permissions on the Cloud Manager policies page.

3 April 2022

Connector 3.9.17

27 February 2022

Connector 3.9.16

  • When you create a new Connector in Google Cloud, Cloud Manager will now display all of your existing firewall policies. Previously, Cloud Manager wouldn’t display any policies that didn’t have a target tag.

  • This release of the Connector also includes Cloud Volumes ONTAP enhancements. Learn about those enhancements

30 January 2022

Connector 3.9.15

This release of the Connector includes Cloud Volumes ONTAP enhancements. Learn about those enhancements

2 January 2022

Reduced endpoints for the Connector

We reduced the number of endpoints that a Connector needs to contact in order to manage resources and processes within your public cloud environment.

EBS disk encryption for the Connector

When you deploy a new Connector in AWS from Cloud Manager, you can now choose to encrypt the Connector’s EBS disks using the default master key or a managed key.

A screenshot that shows the disk encryption option when creating a Connector in AWS.

Email address for NSS accounts

Cloud Manager can now display the email address that’s associated with a NetApp Support Site account.

A screenshot that shows the action menu for a NetApp Support Site account which includes the ability to display the email address.

28 November 2021

Update required for NetApp Support Site accounts

Starting in December 2021, NetApp now uses Microsoft Azure Active Directory as the identity provider for authentication services specific to support and licensing. As a result of this update, Cloud Manager will prompt you to update the credentials for any existing NetApp Support Site accounts that you previously added.

If you haven’t yet migrated your NSS account to IDaaS, you first need to migrate the account and then update your credentials in Cloud Manager.

Change NSS accounts for Cloud Volumes ONTAP

If your organization has multiple NetApp Support Site accounts, you can now change which account is associated with a Cloud Volumes ONTAP system.

4 November 2021

SOC 2 Type 2 certification

An independent certified public accountant firm and services auditor examined Cloud Manager, Cloud Sync, Cloud Tiering, Cloud Data Sense, and Cloud Backup (Cloud Manager platform), and affirmed that they have achieved SOC 2 Type 2 reports based on the applicable Trust Services criteria.

Connector no longer supported as a proxy

You can no longer use the Cloud Manager Connector as a proxy server to send AutoSupport messages from Cloud Volumes ONTAP. This functionality has been removed and is no longer supported. You will need to provide AutoSupport connectivity through a NAT instance or your environment’s proxy services.

31 October 2021

Authentication with service principal

When you create a new Connector in Microsoft Azure, you can now authenticate with an Azure service principal, rather than with Azure account credentials.

Credentials enhancement

We redesigned the Credentials page for ease of use and to match the current look and feel of the Cloud Manager interface.

2 September 2021

A new Notification Service has been added

The Notification service has been introduced so you can view the status of Cloud Manager operations that you have initiated during your current login session. You can verify whether the operation was successful, or if it failed. See how to monitor operations in your account.

1 August 2021

RHEL 7.9 support with the Connector

The Connector is now supported on a host that’s running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.9.

7 July 2021

Enhancements to Add Connector wizard

We redesigned the Add Connector wizard to add new options and to make it easier to use. You can now add tags, specify a role (for AWS or Azure), upload a root certificate for a proxy server, view code for Terraform automation, view progress details, and more.

NSS account management from Support Dashboard

NetApp Support Site (NSS) accounts are now managed from the Support Dashboard, rather than from the Settings menu. This change makes it easier to find and manage all support-related information from a single location.

A screenshot of the NSS Management tab in the Support Dashboard where you can add NSS accounts.

5 May 2021

Accounts in the Timeline

The Timeline in Cloud Manager now shows actions and events related to account management. The actions include things like associating users, creating workspaces, and creating Connectors. Checking the Timeline can be helpful if you need to identify who performed a specific action, or if you need to identify the status of an action.

11 April 2021

API calls directly to Cloud Manager

If you configured a proxy server, you can now enable an option to send API calls directly to Cloud Manager without going through the proxy. This option is supported with Connectors that are running in AWS or in Google Cloud.

Service account users

You can now create a service account user.

A service account acts as a "user" that can make authorized API calls to Cloud Manager for automation purposes. This makes it easier to manage automation because you don’t need to build automation scripts based on a real person’s user account who can leave the company at any time. And if you’re using federation, you can create a token without generating a refresh token from the cloud.

Private previews

You can now allow private previews in your account to get access to new NetApp cloud services as they are made available as a preview in Cloud Manager.

Third-party services

You can also allow third-party services in your account to get access to third-party services that are available in Cloud Manager.

9 February 2021

Support Dashboard improvements

We’ve updated the Support Dashboard by enabling you to add your NetApp Support Site credentials, which registers you for support. You can also initiate a NetApp Support case directly from the dashboard. Just click the Help icon and then Support.