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Optimize your Cloud Volumes ONTAP systems using Active IQ Digital Advisor

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Active IQ Digital Advisor is integrated into the BlueXP UI so that you can optimize the operations, security, and performance of your Cloud Volumes ONTAP systems in a single pane of glass.


You can view the overall status of your storage system, high-level information about the wellness of the system, inventory, planning, and valuable insights at a watchlist level using Active IQ Digital Advisor.

  • Analyze and optimize the health of your storage systems

  • Gain insights regarding all the risks to your storage systems and the actions to mitigate the risks

  • Analyze the performance of your storage devices by viewing the graphical format of performance data

  • Get details about systems that have exceeded 90% capacity or are nearing 90% capacity

Supported ONTAP systems

Active IQ Digital Advisor provides information for all the on-premises ONTAP systems and Cloud Volumes ONTAP systems within your NSS account.


There's no cost to use this service through BlueXP.

How Active IQ Digital Advisor works with BlueXP

The Active IQ Digital Advisor user interface is completely integrated in BlueXP.

In BlueXP, click the Active IQ service.

  • If you have already registered an existing NSS account in BlueXP, the Active IQ Digital Advisor UI appears just like you would see it in a standalone implementation at

    A screenshot of the Active IQ Digital Advisor user interface in BlueXP.

  • If you haven't registered an NSS account in BlueXP, register an NSS account now and then the Active IQ Digital Advisor UI appears.

Note As of December 3, 2021, NetApp has switched to a new methodology of registering credentials for NSS accounts. See this FAQ for details. If your NSS account uses the old set of credentials you will need to update the account to the new credentials.

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