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SnapCenter Software 4.5
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Create and manage SMB shares

Contributors netapp-asubhas

To configure an SMB3 share on a storage virtual machine (SVM), you can use either the SnapCenter user interface or PowerShell cmdlets.

Best Practice: Using the cmdlets is recommended because it enables you to take advantage of templates provided with SnapCenter to automate share configuration.

The templates encapsulate best practices for volume and share configuration. You can find the templates in the Templates folder in the installation folder for the SnapCenter Plug-ins Package for Windows.

Tip If you feel comfortable doing so, you can create your own templates following the models provided. You should review the parameters in the cmdlet documentation before creating a custom template.

Create an SMB share

You can use the SnapCenter Shares page to create an SMB3 share on a storage virtual machine (SVM).

You cannot use SnapCenter to back up databases on SMB shares. SMB support is limited to provisioning only.


  1. In the left navigation pane, click Hosts.

  2. In the Hosts page, click Shares.

  3. Select the SVM from the Storage Virtual Machine drop-down list.

  4. Click New.

    The New Share dialog opens.

  5. In the New Share dialog, define the share:

    In this field…​ Do this…​


    Enter descriptive text for the share.

    Share name

    Enter the share name, for example, test_share.

    The name you enter for the share will also be used as the volume name.

    The share name:

    • Must be a UTF-8 string.

    • Must not include the following characters: control characters from 0x00 to 0x1F (both inclusive), 0x22 (double quotes), and the special characters \ / [ ] : (vertical bar) < > + = ; , ?

    Share path

    • Click in the field to enter a new file system path, for example, /.

    • Double-click in the field to select from a list of existing file system paths.

  6. When you are satisfied with your entries, click OK.

    SnapCenter creates the SMB share on the SVM.

Delete an SMB share

You can delete an SMB share when you no longer need it.


  1. In the left navigation pane, click Hosts.

  2. In the Hosts page, click Shares.

  3. In the Shares page, click in the Storage Virtual Machine field to display a drop-down with a list of available storage virtual machines (SVMs), then select the SVM for the share you want to delete.

  4. From the list of shares on the SVM, select the share you want to delete and click Delete.

  5. In the Delete Share dialog box, click OK.

    SnapCenter deletes the SMB share from the SVM.