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SnapCenter Software 4.5
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Minimum ONTAP privileges required

Contributors netapp-nsriram netapp-asubhas

The minimum ONTAP privileges that are required vary according to the SnapCenter plug-ins you are using for data protection.

All-access commands: Minimum privileges required for ONTAP 8.2.x and later

event generate-autosupport-log

job history show

job stop


lun create

lun delete

lun igroup add

lun igroup create

lun igroup delete

lun igroup rename

lun igroup show

lun mapping add-reporting-nodes

lun mapping create

lun mapping delete

lun mapping remove-reporting-nodes

lun mapping show

lun modify

lun move-in-volume

lun offline

lun online

lun persistent-reservation clear

lun resize

lun serial

lun show

snapmirror policy add-rule

snapmirror policy modify-rule

snapmirror policy remove-rule

snapmirror policy show

snapmirror restore

snapmirror show

snapmirror show-history

snapmirror update

snapmirror update-ls-set

snapmirror list-destinations


volume clone create

volume clone show

volume clone split start

volume clone split stop

volume create

volume destroy

volume file clone create

volume file show-disk-usage

volume offline

volume online

volume modify

volume qtree create

volume qtree delete

volume qtree modify

volume qtree show

volume restrict

volume show

volume snapshot create

volume snapshot delete

volume snapshot modify

volume snapshot rename

volume snapshot restore

volume snapshot restore-file

volume snapshot show

volume unmount

vserver cifs

vserver cifs share create

vserver cifs share delete

vserver cifs shadowcopy show

vserver cifs share show

vserver cifs show

vserver export-policy

vserver export-policy create

vserver export-policy delete

vserver export-policy rule create

vserver export-policy rule show

vserver export-policy show

vserver iscsi

vserver iscsi connection show

vserver show

Read-only commands: Minimum privileges required for ONTAP 8.2.x and later

network interface

network interface show