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SnapCenter Software 4.5
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Back up Oracle database resource groups

Contributors netapp-asubhas

A resource group is a collection of resources on a host or cluster. A backup operation on the resource group is performed on all resources defined in the resource group.

You can back up a resource group on demand from the Resources page. If a resource group has a policy attached and a schedule configured, then backups occur automatically according to the schedule.


  1. In the left navigation pane, click Resources, and then select the appropriate plug-in from the list.

  2. In the Resources page, select Resource Group from the View list.

    You can search the resource group either by entering the resource group name in the search box, or by clicking filter icon, and then selecting the tag. You can then click filter icon to close the filter pane.

  3. On the Resource Groups page, select the resource group that you want to back up, and then click Back up Now.

    Note If you have a federated resource group with two databases and one of the database has datafile on non-NetApp storage, the backup operation is aborted even though the other database is on NetApp storage.
  4. On the Backup page, perform the following steps:

    1. If you have associated multiple policies with the resource group, from the Policy drop-down list, select the policy that you want to use for backup.

      If the policy selected for the on-demand backup is associated with a backup schedule, the on-demand backups will be retained based on the retention settings specified for the schedule type.

    2. Click Backup.

  5. Monitor the operation progress by clicking Monitor > Jobs.

After you finish

  • In AIX setup, you can use the lkdev command to lock and the rendev command to rename the disks on which the database that was backed up was residing.

    Locking or renaming of devices will not affect the restore operation when you restore using that backup.

  • If the backup operation fails because database query execution time exceeded the timeout value, you should change the value of the ORACLE_SQL_QUERY_TIMEOUT and ORACLE_PLUGIN_SQL_QUERY_TIMEOUT parameters by running the Set-SmConfigSettings cmdlet:

    After modifying the value of the parameters, restart the SnapCenter Plug-in Loader (SPL) service by running the following command /opt/NetApp/snapcenter/spl/bin/spl restart

  • If the file is not accessible and the mount point is unavailable during the verification process, the operation might fail with error code DBV-00100 specified file. You should modify the values of the VERIFICATION_DELAY and VERIFICATION_RETRY_COUNT parameters in

    After modifying the value of the parameters, restart the SnapCenter Plug-in Loader (SPL) service by running the following command /opt/NetApp/snapcenter/spl/bin/spl restart