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NetApp is continually improving and enhancing its products and services. Here are some of the latest features and functionalities available with Cloud Insights.

September 2019

New Gauge Widgets

Two new widgets are available for displaying single-value data on your dashboards in eye-catching colors based on thresholds you specify. You can display values using either a Solid Gauge or Bullet Gauge. Values that land inside the Warning range are displayed in orange. Values in the Critical range are displayed in red. Values below the Warning threshold are displayed in green.

Solid/Traditional Gauge
Bullet Gauge

Conditional Color Formatting for Single Value Widget

You can now display the Single-Value widget with a colored background based on thresholds you set.

Single-Value widgets with formatting

Invite Users During Onboarding

At any point during the onboarding process, you can click on Admin > User Management > +User to invite additional users to your Cloud Insights environment. Be aware that users with Guest or User roles will see greater benefit once onboarding is complete and data has been collected.

Data Collector Detail Page improvement

The data collector detail page has been improved to display errors in a more readable format. Errors are now displayed in a separate table on the page, with each error displayed on a separate line in the case of multiple errors for the data collector.

August 2019

All vs. Available Data Collectors

When adding data collectors to your environment, you can set a filter to show only the data collectors available to you based on your subscription level, or all data collectors.

ActiveIQ Integration

Cloud Insights collects data from NetApp ActiveIQ, which provides a series of visualizations, analytics, and other support related services to NetApp customers and their hardware / software systems. Cloud Insights integrates with ONTAP Data Management systems. See Active IQ for more information.

July 2019

Dashboard Improvements

Dashboards and Widgets have been improved with the following changes:

  • In addition to Sum, Min, Max, and Avg, Count is now an option for roll up in Single-Value widgets. When rolling up by “Count”, Cloud Insights checks if an object is active or not, and only adds the active ones to the count. The resulting number is subject to aggregation and filters.

  • In the Single-Value widget, you now have a choice to display the resulting number with 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4 decimal places.

  • Line charts show an axis label and units when a single counter is being plotted.

  • Transform option is available for Services integration data now in all time-series widgets for all metrics. For any services integration (Telegraf) counter or metric in time-series widgets (Line, Spline, Area, Stacked Area), you are given a choice of how you want to Transform the values. None (display value as-is), Sum, Delta, Cumulative, etc.

Downgrading to Basic Edition

Downgrade to Basic Edition fails with an error message if there is no available NetApp device configured that has successfully completed a poll in the last 7 days.

Collecting Kube-State-Metrics

The Kubernetes Data Collector now collects objects and counters from the kube-state-metrics plugin, greatly expanding the number and scope of metrics available for monitoring in Cloud Insights.

June 2019

Cloud Insights Editions

Cloud Insights is available in different Editions to fit your budget and business needs. Existing NetApp customers with an active NetApp support account can enjoy 7 days of data retention and access to NetApp data collectors with the free Basic Edition, or get increased data retention, access to all supported data collectors, expert technical support and more with Standard Edition. For more information on available features, see NetApp’s Cloud Insights site.

New Infrastructure Data Collector: NetApp HCI

  • NetApp HCI Virtual Center has been added as an Infrastructure data collector. The HCI Virtual Center data collector collects NetApp HCI Host information and requires read-only privileges on all objects within the Virtual Center.

Note that the HCI data collector acquires from the HCI Virtual Center only. To collect data from the storage system, you must also configure the NetApp SolidFire data collector.

May 2019

New Service Data Collector: Kapacitor

  • Kapacitor has been added as a data collector for services.

Integration with Services via Telegraf

In addition to acquisition of data from infrastructure devices such as switches and storage, Cloud Insights now collects data from a variety of Operating Systems and Services, using Telegraf as its agent for collection of integration data. Telegraf is a plugin-driven agent that can be used to collect and report metrics. Input plugins are used to collect the desired information into the agent by accessing the system/OS directly, by calling third-party APIs, or by listening to configured streams.

Documentation for currently supported integrations can be found in the menu to the left under Services Data Collector Reference.

Storage Virtual Machine Assets

  • Storage Virtual Machines (SVMs) are available as assets in Cloud Insights. SVMs have their own Asset Landing Pages, and can be displayed and used in searches, queries, and filters. SVMs can also be used in dashboard widgets as well as associated with annotations.

Reduced Acquisition Unit System Requirements

  • The system CPU and memory requirements for the Acquisition Unit (AU) software have been reduced. The new requirements are:


Old Requirement

New Requirement

CPU Cores




16 GB

8 GB

Additional Platforms Supported



CentOS 7.3 64-bit
CentOS 7.4 64-bit
CentOS 7.6 64-bit
Debian 9 64-bit
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3 64-bit
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4 64-bit
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.6 64-bit
Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS

Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
Microsoft Windows Server 2019

April 2019

Filter Virtual Machines by Tags

When configuring the following data collectors, you can filter to include or exclude virtual machines from data collection according to their Tags or Labels.

March 2019

  • You can select recipients for email notifications when subscription-related events occur, such as upcoming trial expiration or subscribed account changes. You can choose recipients for these notifications from among following:

    • All Account Owners

    • All Administrators

    • Additional Email Addresses that you specify

Additional Dashboards

  • The following new AWS-focused dashboards have been added to the gallery and are available for import:

    • AWS Admin - Which EC2 are in high demand?

    • AWS EC2 Instance Performance by Region

February 2019

Collecting from AWS Child Accounts

  • Cloud Insights supports collection from AWS child accounts within a single data collector. Your AWS environment must be configured to allow Cloud Insights to collect from child accounts.

Data Collector Naming

  • Data Collector names can now include periods (.), hyphens (-), and spaces ( ) in addition to letters, numbers, and underscores. Names may not begin or end with a space, period, or hyphen.

Acquisition Unit for Windows

January 2019

"Owner" field is more readable

  • In Dashboard and Query lists, the data for the "Owner" field was previously an authorization ID string, instead of a user-friendly owner name. The "Owner" field now shows a simpler and more readable owner name.

Managed Unit Breakdown on Subscription Page

  • For each data collector listed on the Admin > Subscription page, you can now see a breakdown of Managed Unit (MU) counts for hosts and storage, as well as the total.

December 2018

Improvement of UI Load Time

  • The initial loading time for the Cloud Insights user interface (UI) has been significantly improved. Refresh time for the UI also benefits from this improvement in circumstances where metadata is loaded.

Bulk Edit Data Collectors

  • You can edit information for multiple data collectors at the same time. On the Admin > Data Collectors page, select the data collectors to modify by checking the box to the left of each and click the Bulk Actions button. Choose Edit and modify the necessary fields.

    The data collectors selected must be the same vendor and model, and reside on the same Acquisition Unit.

Support and Subscription pages are Available During Onboarding

  • During the onboarding workflow, you can navigate to the Help > Support and Admin > Subscription pages. Returning from those pages returns you to the onboarding workflow, providing you have not closed the browser tab.

November 2018

Subscribe through NetApp Sales or AWS Marketplace

  • Cloud Insights subscription and billing is now available directly through NetApp. This is in addition to the self-serve subscription available through AWS Marketplace. A new Contact Sales link is presented on the Admin > Subscription page. For customers whose environments have or are expected to have 1,000 or more Managed Units (MUs), it is recommended to contact NetApp sales via the Contact Sales link.

  • Text-type annotations can now include hyperlinks.

Onboarding Walkthrough

  • Cloud Insights now features an onboarding walkthrough for the first user (administrator or account owner) to log in to a new environment. The walkthrough takes you through installing an Acquisition Unit, configuring an initial data collector, and selecting one or more useful dashboards.

  • In addition to selecting dashboards during onboarding, you can import dashboards via Dashboards > Show All Dashboards and clicking +From Gallery.

Duplicating Dashboards

  • The ability to duplicate a dashboard has been added to the dashboard list page as a choice in the options menu for each dashboard, and on a dashboard’s main page itself from the Save menu.

Cloud Central products menu

  • The menu allowing you to switch to other NetApp Cloud Central products has moved to the upper right corner of the screen.