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Cloud Insights

Feature Tutorials

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Cloud Insights is loaded with useful features that enable you to quickly and easily find data, troubleshoot issues, and provide insights into your corporate environment. Find data easily with powerful queries, visualize data in dashboards, and send email alerts for data thresholds you set.

Cloud Insights includes a number of video tutorials to help you understand these features and better implement your business insight strategies. Every user who has access to your Cloud Insights environment can take advantage of these tutorials.


Watch a brief tutorial explaining how Cloud Insights works.

Checklist and Video Tutorials

The Startup Checklist displayed on your Cloud Insights site contains a list of several useful tasks and concepts. Selecting an item in the checklist takes you to the appropriate Cloud Insights page for that concept. For example, clicking on the Create a Dashboard item opens the Cloud Insights Dashboards page.

Tutorial Checklist Progress

At the top of the page is a link to a video tutorial showing how to create a dashboard. You can view the video as many times as you like until you click the Got it! Don't Show This Again link for that video. The video is available every time you go to the Dashboards page, until you dismiss it.

Watch Video Link

After watching the video at least once, the Create a Dashboard item in the checklist is checked off, indicating that you have completed the tutorial. You can then proceed to the next tutorial.

Note You can view the tutorials in any order you like, as many times as you like until dismissed.

Dismissing the Checklist

The Startup Checklist is displayed on your site until you click the Don't Show This Again link at the bottom of the checklist. Even after dismissing the checklist, the tutorials are still available on each appropriate Cloud Insights page until you dismiss each one from the message header bar.

View the Tutorials

Querying Data

Creating a Dashboard


Resolve Devices