Configuring Data Collectors

You configure Data Collectors in your Cloud Insights environment to collect data from devices in the data center.

Before you begin
  • You must have configured an Acquisition Unit before you can start collecting data.

  • You need credentials for the devices from which you are collecting Data.

  • Device network addresses, account information, and passwords are required for all devices you are collecting data from.

  1. From the Cloud Insights menu, click Admin > Data Collectors

    The system displays the available Data Collectors arranged by vendor.

  2. Click + Collector on the required vendor and select the data collector to configure.

    In the dialog box you can configure the data collector and add an Acquisition Unit.

  3. Enter a name for the data collector.

    Names can contain can contain letters (a-z), numbers (0-9), dashes (-), underscores (_), apostrophes ('), and periods (.).

  4. Enter the Acquisition Unit to associate with this data collector.

  5. Enter the required fields in the Configuration screen.

  6. When prompted to configure notifications, choose to alert by Email, Webhook, or both, and choose the alert types on which to notify (Critical, Warning, Informational, and/or Resolved). You can choose to notify to the Global Monitor Recipient list (configured in Admin > Notifications), or specify additional recipients. When ready to continue, click Complete Setup.

Collector Notifications

When viewing an ONTAP data collector landing page, you can modify the notifications by clicking the pencil icon in the "Notifications" field of the data collector summary section.

Note ONTAP Data Collector notifications take precedence over any specific Monitor notifications that are relevant to the cluster/data collector. The recipient list you set for the Data Collector itself will receive the data collector alerts. If there are no active data collector alerts, then monitor-generated alerts will be sent to specific monitor recipients.

Editing Collector Notifications

  1. Click Advanced Configuration to add additional configuration fields. (Not all data collectors require advanced configuration.)

  2. Click Test Configuration to verify that the data collector is properly configured.

  3. Click Add Collector to save the configuration and add the data collector to your Cloud Insights tenant.

After adding a new data collector, Cloud Insights initiates three polls:

  • 1st inventory poll: immediately

  • 1st performance data poll to establish a baseline: immediately after inventory poll

  • 2nd performance poll: within 15 seconds after completion of 1st performance poll

Polling then proceeds according to the configured inventory and performance poll intervals.