Configuring Email Notifications

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You can configure an email list for subscription-related notifications, as well as a global email list of recipients for notification of performance policy threshold violations.

To configure notification email recipient settings, go to the Admin > Notifications page.

Subscription Notification Recipients

Subscription Email Notifications

To configure recipients for subscription-related event notifications, go to the "Subscription Notification Recipients" section.
You can choose to have email notifications sent for subscription-related events to any or all of the following recipients:

  • All Account Owners

  • All Administrators

  • Additional Email Addresses that you specify

The following are examples of the types of notifications that might be sent, and user actions you can take.


User Action:

Trial or subscription has been updated

Review subscription details on the Subscription page

Subscription will expire in 90 days
Subscription will expire in 30 days

No action needed if “Auto Renewal” is enabled
Contact NetApp sales to renew the subscription

Trial ends in 2 days

Renew trial from the Subscription page. You can renew a trial one time.
Contact NetApp sales to purchase a subscription

Trial or subscription has expired
Account will stop collecting data in 48 hours
Account will be deleted after 48 hours

Contact NetApp sales to purchase a subscription

Global Recipient List for Alerts

Email notifications of alerts are sent to the alert recipient list for every action on the alert. You can choose to send alert notifications to a global recipient list.

To configure global alert recipients, click on Admin > Notifications and choose the desired recipients in the Global Monitor Notification Recipients section.

Global Monitor Notification Recipients

You can always override the global recipients list for an individual monitor when creating or modifying the monitor.

Global Recipient List for Performance Policy Notifications

Performance Policy Email Notifications

To add recipients to the global performance policy notification email list, go to the "Global Performance Policy Recipients" section and enter email addresses separated by commas. Emails sent as alerts from performance policy threshold violations will be sent to all recipients on the list.

If you make a mistake, you can click on [x] to remove a recipient from the list.

You can also add an optional signature block that will be attached to the email notifications sent.

Note You can override the global list for a specific policy when you configure that policy.