ONTAP Essentials

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ONTAP Essentials is a set of dashboards and workflows that provide detailed overviews of your ONTAP inventories and workloads. You may see the following terms used when working in ONTAP Essentials:

  • Infrastructure/Inventory: Objects that provide storage/networking services to user data

  • Workloads: Objects that provide interface to users to read/write data.

  • Data Protection: Objects that can be protected using NetApp data protection technologies

ONTAP Essentials requires at least one working ONTAP data collector with data collected within the last seven days.


To begin exploring, select ONTAP Essentials from the main Cloud Insights menu.

Overview dashboard for ONTAP Essentials

The Overview dashboard displays useful information like the number of clusters in your environment with their overall capacity and performance percentages. You will also see predictive data regarding the number of expected days until storage capacity or performance capacity runs out of space. And if any controllers in your infrastructure are running at high temperatures, ONTAP Essentials will show you those.

Informative graphs give you a look into performance over time as well as breakdowns of capacity usage.

Each of these graphs or data points can be used as a starting point for exploration or investigation.

Note: A "days to full" number of "0" (zero) indicates that days to full is estimated at greater than 90 days. In other words, your systems aren’t in danger of running out of space any time soon.

Data Protection

Select the Data Protection page to view SnapMirror relationships. Click through to source or destination volume information, or click the gear icon to add columns for the data you wish to view.

SnapMirror Relationships list page


Here you can view the Active alerts in your environment and quickly drill down into potential problems. Select the Resolved tab to view alerts that have been resolved.

ONTAP Alerts Menu
ONTAP Alerts page example showing active alerts


The ONTAP Essentials Infrastructure page gives you a view of cluster health and performance, using pre-built (yet further customizable) queries on all the basic ONTAP objects. Select the object type you wish to explore (cluster, storage pool, etc.) and choose whether to view health or performance information. Set filters to dive deeper into individual systems.

Infrastructure selections for storage pools

Infrastructure page showing cluster health:
Infrastructure objects to explore


ONTAP Essentials Networking gives you views into your FC, NVME FC, Ethernet, and iSCSI infrastructure. On these pages you can explore things like ports in your clusters and their nodes.

ONTAP Essentials Networking Menu
ONTAP Essentials Networking FC page showing ports into cluster nodes


View and explore workloads on LUNs/Volumes, NFS or SMB Shares, or Qtrees in your environment.

Workloads Menu

Workloads list page