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Interoperability Matrix Tool

Add solutions to search criteria

Contributors netapp-ranuk

You can add solutions to your search criteria using the search text box or the Solution Search.

About this task

If you are aware of the specific solutions to be added to the search criteria, you can enter the solution names in the search text box. You can use the Solution Search if you are not sure of the solution to be added to the search criteria.

If you want to clear the solutions included in the search criteria, you can click Clear All in the top-right corner.


  1. In the Interoperability Matrix Tool home page, enter the solution name in the search text box to view the possible matches.

    1. Click Add to include the solution to the search criteria.

  2. Optional. You can include a solution to the search criteria using the Solution Search.

    1. Click Solution Search.

    2. In the Solution Search field, identify the solution to be added to the search criteria and click Add.

    3. If needed, you can enable the Include PVR Required, EOS and Obsolete configurations check box. This check box includes Product Variance Request, End of version Support, and obsolete items in the results.

You can use the search text box within the Solution Search window to search for a specific solution. To remove a solution added using the Solution Search, click Remove in the top pane.


As you include solutions to the search criteria, the solutions are displayed in the right pane under Search Criteria.