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Interoperability Matrix Tool

Save the search criteria

Contributors netapp-ranuk

On the Refine Search Criteria page, you can choose to save or update the search criteria to retrieve it later.

Before you begin

You must have already added solutions and components on the first page to save the criteria for future reference.

  1. Click Save Criteria on the Refine Search Criteria page.

  2. Enter the Criteria Name and add information in the Description fields. The Criteria Name can be alphanumeric and you can add up to 20 characters. The Description field can take up to 100 alphanumeric characters. The Interoperability Matrix Tool does not allow duplicate names for saving criteria. Criteria Name is mandatory.

  3. Click Update Criteria to add filters or criteria to be included as part of the saved criteria.

  4. Click Save. The Save Criteria link changes to Update Criteria after you save the criteria. You can save a maximum of 10 search criteria.


When you click Saved Search, a Saved Criteria pop-up is displayed. The Recent Search tab displays your most recent searches.

Each recent saved search is uniquely identified by its timestamp. You can click the timestamp to go to the Refine Search Criteria page.