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Interoperability Matrix Tool

Troubleshoot Interoperability Matrix Tool issues

Contributors netapp-ranuk

You should be aware of some common Interoperability Matrix Tool issues.

Problems Workaround

Interoperability Matrix Tool fails to load

You must clear the browser cache, open a new browser and try logging in to IMT.

Interoperability Matrix Tool hangs

This might be a network issue, you can try refreshing your browser.

PI not inferring the desired solution

You must select the appropriate solution from the Solution Catalog or select a specific component.

Unable to select different properties in Refine Search Criteria for HBA configuration

You must uncheck the HBA component and select a property.

Daily report generation displays 404 error

Daily cron jobs run at 22:00 Hrs PST and for a 30 minute duration, the reports will not be available.

Login authentication failure for first time login to Interoperability Matrix Tool

You must synchronize your login credentials for Interoperability Matrix Tool.

Newly added components are not displayed

Wait four hours; the components will get updated automatically.