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Interoperability Matrix Tool

Explore the Interoperability Matrix Tool

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The Interoperability Matrix Tool (IMT) is a web-based application you use to search for compatibility and supported configurations for your NetApp products.

You can perform the following tasks:

Using this…​ You can perform these tasks…​

Home page

Search using ONTAP SAN Host Simplified, Solution Search, List and Find, and Advanced Search for viewing compatibility. Provides a direct link to the Training videos and the Active IQ Interop Advisor.

ONTAP SAN Host Simplified

Check compatibility for ONTAP version and Flash/Fabric storage version combinations.

Solution Search

Search for solution and add criteria to check compatibility.

List and Find

Know where the component is used in various configurations and across the solutions.

Advanced Search

Search for components and add criteria to check compatibility.


View Storage Solution, Category, or Component configurations you have previously subscribed.


View IMT update notifications.

Saved Search

Open searches you have previously saved.

Can't Find Config

Use to report a configuration you cannot find in IMT.


Access tools depending on your role as Customer, Partner, or Internal NetApp employee.


Export configurations for a solution using the Complete Daily Exports report or export end of version support components using the Component EOVS Summary report.


Create a list of favorite List and Find categories. These categories appear at the top of the Component Explorer in List and Find.


Click What's New to view the latest release notes for the IMT.

Click Online Help to view this Interoperability Matrix Tool help set.

Click Training to view videos exploring how to use the Interoperability Matrix Tool, check the NetApp Learning Center.

To report a problem or provide feedback for the Interoperability Matrix Tool, click the Report a Problem link. Click FAQ to view the frequently asked questions and answers about IMT.

Click Data Initiative, if available, to see the planned clean up of the IMT database.

Click About IMT to view the version and copyright statement.

Click Known Issues to see reported and unresolved errors in the product.

Take a tour

View a guided tour around the IMT.

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Click to logout of the IMT.

Note If you resize the window, all of the pages become responsive.