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Interoperability Matrix Tool

Interoperability Matrix Tool overview

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The NetApp Interoperability Matrix Tool (IMT) is a web-based application. IMT enables you to search for configurations of NetApp products and components that meet the standards and requirements specified by NetApp. IMT maintains a repository of configurations, and provides a user-friendly interface for easy access of supported configuration information.

You can access IMT from the NetApp Support Site using one of the following standard browsers:

  • For Windows:

    • Chrome N and N-1

    • Mozilla Firefox N and N-1

      Note N stands for the latest version.
    • Internet Explorer 11 and Edge

  • For Mac:

    • Chrome N and N-1

    • Mozilla Firefox N and N-1

    • Safari 8 and later

    Note The Interoperability Matrix Tool accepts URL links with criteria to simplify certain use cases. When you click a link from another tool to open the IMT, you might land on a playground page, rather than the home page, with a solution and certain components pre-selected.

Get started with Interoperability Matrix Tool

Interoperability Matrix Tool (IMT) is a web-based application that you use to search compatibility for your products using different solutions, configurations, components, and categories.

For easy navigation and clarity, this tool is divided into three pages: Enter Criteria, Refine Search Criteria, and Results. You must enter the search criteria on the first page. Based on your search criteria, you can view the compatibility of your product in the Refine Search Criteria page. This topic will give a quick run through of how to use IMT.

You can view the results in the Results page. Using this tool, you can search for components, make selections, build criteria, and view the compatibilities of your product.

You can accomplish the following tasks:

Using this page…​ You can perform these tasks…​

Enter criteria

Enter a search criteria and search for a solution, component, configuration, and category. If you know the solution name, you can search for a solution using the ONTAP SAN Host Simplified or the Solution Search feature. If you know a component name, you can search for a component using the List and Find or Advanced Search feature.

Refine Search Criteria

Find more definitive yes or no answer to compatible solution, component, configuration, and category for your product. You have an option to change the initial criteria that you entered on the first page using Change Criteria or Try a different method.

Apply filters to the components in each category to find the best suitable configuration for your product.

Remove the filters that you applied using Clear All or the undo icon.


After clicking Continue, the > icon, or the splitter on the second page, view the Results page.

You can view the components, notes, and history details of a configuration, sort the search results, view the search criteria that you have selected, modify the search criteria, filter the search results, and export search results to a Microsoft Excel sheet.

Use the Interoperability Matrix Tool home page

The Interoperability Matrix Tool (IMT) home page enables you to use ONTAP SAN Host Simplified, Solution Search, List and Find, and Advanced Search.

You can set any of these options as your default search using the Set as default star. When you click any one of the options, the relevant page opens to explore the compatible configurations.

Note To find previously saved searches, you can use the Saved Search menu. If you cannot find the configuration you need, click the Can't Find Config? menu and report the problem.