Find compatibility with HBA cards

You can use Interoperability Matrix Tool to view the supported host operating system for a configuration like Cisco UCS P81E card on FCoE.

HBA works in two modes:

  • Search HBA component by name: Enter the name of the component in the search box. The search box result drop-down list displays all matching components.

  • Search HBA component by property values: You can search for an HBA component by entering the property values of the component, such as Vendors, Specs, and so on. The keyword that you use is highlighted in the search results.

When you specify the properties, you can confirm the compatibility with your card. For example, multiple Emulex Light Pulse LP 11000 HBA components have the same bus value, but different firmware values are displayed.

You must review the following considerations about the HBA search:

  • Only property names applicable for the category are listed.

  • You can select other properties from the pop-up.

  • You cannot clear the searched property. Searched property is selected by default.

  • The selected property search on components should be OR search of values within the same property.

  • The selected property search on components will be AND search of values across properties.

  • When you select a value, incompatible properties are grayed out.

  • It is optional to select properties. In such a scenario, all components with the selected property is added to the search criteria.

The following shows the workflow:

pg15 imt