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Interoperability Matrix Tool

Subscribe to configurations

Contributors netapp-ranuk

You can subscribe to configurations with any name of your choice for a particular solution or component. This helps you to receive updates by email when there is an update or change in the subscribed row. You can subscribe to a maximum of 20 configurations.

About this task

You can receive the emails for the following instances:

  • When components are added to the configuration

  • When components are deleted from the configuration

  • When notes are added or deleted from the configuration

  • When the state of the configuration is changed from supported to any of the additional terminal states – (EOS, Obsolete, and so on.)


  1. In the Results page, click star to save the configuration. After you save the configuration, the star turns yellow. You can save a maximum of 20 configurations.

  2. In the Tag Configuration dialog box, enter the name and description to bookmark the configuration for reference.

  3. Click Subscribe to this configuration checkbox.

  4. Click Tag.