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Active IQ Unified Manager 9.8
A newer release of this product is available.

Creating the volume where backups are stored


You can create the volume where Snapshot backups will be stored on one of your ONTAP clusters from ONTAP System Manager or from the ONTAP CLI.

Before you begin

The cluster, storage VM, and volume must meet the following requirements:

  • Cluster requirements:

    • ONTAP 9.3 or greater must be installed

    • It should be geographically close to the Unified Manager server

    • It can be monitored by Unified Manager, but it is not required

  • Storage VM requirements:

    • CIFS/SMB or NFS services must be enabled

    • The name switch and name mapping must be set to use “files”

    • NFSv4 must be enabled on the NFS server and NFSv4 iddomain specified on the client and storage VM

    • Local users created to correspond with client-side users

    • Make sure All Read/Write access is selected

    • Make sure that Superuser Access is set to “any” in the export policy

  • Volume requirements:

    • The volume should be at least double the size of the Unified Manager /opt/netapp/data directory

      Use the command du -sh /opt/netapp/data/ to check the current size.

    • The security style must be set to UNIX

    • The local snapshot policy must be disabled

    • Volume autosize should be enabled

    • The performance service level should be set to a policy with high IOPS and low latency, such as “Extreme”

About this task

For detailed steps to create the NFS volume, see How to configure NFSv4 in ONTAP 9 and the ONTAP 9 NFS Configuration Express Guide.