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Active IQ Unified Manager 9.9
A newer release of this product is available.

Create or Clone Performance Threshold Policy page


You can use the Create Performance Threshold Policy page or the Clone Threshold Policy page to create a new performance threshold policy.

You can complete the fields on this page and click Save to add a performance threshold policy.

  • For Object Type

    Select the type of storage object for which you want to create a threshold policy.

  • Policy Name

    Enter the name of the threshold policy. The name appears on other Unified Manager pages and should provide a brief description of the policy.

  • Description

    (optional) Enter a detailed description of the threshold policy.

  • Threshold Values

    Define the primary, and optionally the secondary, threshold counter condition. Including a secondary counter requires that both counters exceed the limit values before the threshold is considered breached.

    • Select a counter

      Select the counter on which you want to set a performance threshold.

    • Warning

      Enter the limit value for the counter that is considered a warning.

    • Critical

      Enter the limit value for the counter that is considered critical.

    Valid threshold values are 0.001 through 10,000,000 for numbers, 0.001-100 for percentages, and 0.001-200 for Performance Capacity Used percentages.

  • Duration

    Select the number of minutes that the counter value must be greater than the warning or critical limit value. Because Unified Manager collects new performance counter values every five minutes, the menu provides values in multiples of five based on the refresh interval.