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Active IQ Unified Manager 9.9
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How group actions work on storage objects


A group action is an operation that is performed on all the storage objects in a group. For example, you can configure volume threshold group action to simultaneously change the volume threshold values of all volumes in a group.

Groups support unique group action types. You can have a group with only one volume health threshold group action type. However, you can configure a different type of group action, if available, for the same group. The rank of a group action determines the order in which the action is applied to storage objects. The details page of a storage object provides information about which group action is applied on the storage object.

Example of unique group actions

Consider a volume A that belongs to groups G1 and G2, and the following volume health threshold group actions are configured for these groups:

  • Change_capacity_threshold group action with rank 1, for configuring the capacity of the volume

  • Change_snapshot_copies group action with rank 2, for configuring the Snapshot copies of the volume

The Change_capacity_threshold group action always takes priority over the Change_snapshot_copies group action and is applied to volume A. When Unified Manager completes one cycle of monitoring, the health threshold related events of volume A are re-evaluated per the Change_capacity_threshold group action. You cannot configure another volume threshold type of group action for either G1 or G2 group.