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Active IQ Unified Manager 9.9
A newer release of this product is available.

Port/Performance Explorer page


The Port/Performance Explorer page provides a detailed performance overview of all ports in a cluster.


Performance counter values are displayed for physical ports only. Counter values are not displayed for VLANs or interface groups.

The Port/Performance Explorer page enables you to track and compare port performance during a specific time period, which helps you to troubleshoot and fine-tune your port performance.

Using the View and Compare functionality you can compare the performance of this port with:

  • other ports on the same node

  • the node on which the port resides

  • network interfaces that are on the port


Only cluster and data LIFs are displayed when filtering using the “network interfaces on this port” option. No intercluster LIFs are shown.

The Port/Performance Explorer page enables you to:

  • View threshold-related issues and their details

  • Track and compare port performance data

  • Investigate and troubleshoot threshold-related issues

  • Investigate and troubleshoot performance issues