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Active IQ Unified Manager 9.9
A newer release of this product is available.

Storage VM/Performance Information page


Use the Storage VM/Performance Information page to view a list of the configured attributes of the SVM. This information might help in answering performance-related questions.

Storage VM attributes

  • IP Address

    The IPv4 or IPv6 addresses of all interfaces connected to this SVM.

  • IPspace

    The IPspace in which this SVM resides.

  • Domain Name

    The fully qualified domain names (FQDNs) of the interfaces connected to this SVM.

  • Service Type

    The type of SVM.

    Possible values include: “Admin” for the cluster-wide management SVM, “System” for cluster-level communications in an IPspace, “Data” for data serving SVM, and “Node” for node management SVM.

  • Capacity (free/total)

    The total storage available to the SVM, in gigabytes, and the amount of storage currently available.

  • Cluster

    The name of the cluster to which the SVM belongs. You can click the name to display cluster details in the Cluster/Performance Explorer page.

  • Volumes

    The number of volumes in the SVM. You can click the number to display the volumes in the Performance/Volumes Inventory page.

  • Network Interfaces

    The number of network interfaces available to the SVM.

  • Data Network Interfaces

    The number and type of Data network interfaces available to the SVM.

  • Allowed Volume Type

    The type of volume that can be created on the SVM.

    SVMs can contain one or more FlexVol volumes or FlexGroup volumes.

  • Allowed Protocols

    The list of all protocols that can be serviced by this SVM. The available protocols are FC/FCoE, iSCSI, HTTP, NDMP, NVMe, NFS, and CIFS.

  • Port Set

    If defined for FCP or iSCSI protocols, the port set that is assigned to this SVM.