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Active IQ Unified Manager 9.9
A newer release of this product is available.

SAML Authentication page


You can use the SAML Authentication page to configure Unified Manager to authenticate remote users using SAML though a secure identity provider (IdP) before they can to log in to the Unified Manager web UI.

  • You must have the Application Administrator role to create or modify the SAML configuration.

  • You must have configured remote authentication.

  • You must have configured at least one remote user or remote group.

After remote authentication and remote users have been configured, you can select the Enable SAML authentication checkbox to enable authentication using a secure identity provider.

  • IdP URI

    The URI to access the IdP from the Unified Manager server. Example URIs are listed below.

    ADFS example URI:


    Shibboleth example URI:


  • IdP Metadata

    The IdP metadata in XML format.

    If the IdP URL is accessible from the Unified Manager server, you can click the Fetch IdP Metadata button to populate this field.

  • Host System (FQDN)

    The FQDN of the Unified Manager host system as defined during installation. You can change this value if necessary.

  • Host URI

    The URI to access the Unified Manager host system from the IdP.

  • Host Metadata

    The host system metadata in XML format.