Quiescing a protection relationship from the Volume / Health details page

You can quiesce a protection relationship to temporarily prevent data transfers from occurring. You might quiesce a relationship when you want to create a Snapshot copy of a SnapMirror destination volume that contains a database, and you want to ensure that its contents are stable during the Snapshot copy.

Before you begin

About this task

The quiesce action does not display in the following instances:


  1. In the Protection tab of the Volume / Health details page, right-click the relationship in the topology view for the protection relationship that you want to quiesce.
  2. Select Quiesce from the menu.
  3. Click Yes to continue.
    The status of the quiesce job is displayed at the top of the Volume / Health details page, along with a link to the job details.
  4. Click the View details link to go to the Job details page for additional details and job progress.
  5. Optional: Click the Back arrow on your browser to return to the Volume / Health details page.
    The quiesce job is finished when all job tasks are successfully completed.