Create Resource Pool dialog box

You can use the Create Resource Pool dialog box to name and describe a new resource pool and to add aggregates to and delete aggregates from that resource pool.

Resource Pool Name

The text boxes enable you to add the following information to create a resource pool:

Enables you to specify a resource pool name.


Enables you to describe a resource pool.


Displays the members of the resource pool. You can also add and delete members.

Command buttons

The command buttons enable you to perform the following tasks:

Opens the Aggregates dialog box so that you can add aggregates from a specific cluster to the resource pool. You can add aggregates from different clusters, but the same aggregates cannot be added to more than one resource pool.
Enables you to remove selected aggregates from the resource pool.
Creates the resource pool. This button is not enabled until information has been entered in the Resource Pool Name or Description fields.
Discards the changes and closes the Create Resource Pool dialog box.